Chapter 1

A Legacy is Born


The D'Addario Family began making strings in the 1600s, in the village of Salle, Italy.


In 1905, brothers-in-law Rocco and Carmine D’Addario were forced to move the family business to New York after Salle was rocked by an earthquake.


Every great story starts in a garage. In 1918, Carmine began to manufacture strings out of his home in Astoria, Queens.


Carmine, his son John, and guitar maker John D’Angelico began to redefine guitar sound with the first 80/20 bronze round-wound strings with hex-shaped cores, powering the rhythm sections for the Glen Miller Orchestra and Tommy Dorsey.


The rock revolution has begun. Fender, D’Angelico, Danelectro, Gretsch, Guild, and many others directly asked for strings by C. D’Addario and Son. John utilized Bethlehem Steel’s plated steel wires for the first real modern sounding round-wound electric guitar and bass strings.


John D’Addario, Sr. developed the first nickel-plated steel alloy, engineering round-wound electric guitar strings that will shape the sound of Rock ’N’ Roll for more than four decades.


The initial D’Addario XL line is introduced in 1974, using nickel-plated steel and round-wound strings. Until now all D’Addario XL strings are direct descendants of these, the second generation of electric guitar strings.


D'Addario continues to innovate, invent, and improve strings for all musical instruments. 2014 marks the launch of the next generation of electric guitar strings: NYXL.

Chapter 2

The Start of a New String

Chapter 3

The ScienceBehind theStrings


NYXL strings are engineered using our proprietary wire drawing process. ...


NYXL strings are engineered to stay in tune, no matter how hard you bend.

Tortured by Experts

Our engineers created a machine to not just play NYXL strings, but to

Bathed by Fire

Each of our unwound strings is coated in a molten tin bath to create

Strum Harder

Put more power in your power chords. Strength tests prove that plain

Bend Further

At two whole steps higher, NYXL strings are still at less than 75% of

Stay in tune better

No string has ever offered this level of stability. Torture tests

More punch and crunch

The reformulated nickel-plated steel alloy boosts amplitude in the

Performance Test

NYXL strings boast a sound and feel you’ll have to play to believe.

Chapter 4

Play Loud Play Strong Play Fearlessly